Robert W Bawden

A life long passion to better the world through jewellery

From a young age, Robert W Bawden discovered his passion for helping others, a calling that would shape his lifelong journey in the world of jewellery. For Robert, selling jewellery transcends mere transactions; it's a means to fulfil people's desires, expressions, and needs through exquisite craftsmanship.

With a commitment to teaching and guiding others, Robert channels his wealth of knowledge and experience to offer more than just jewellery – he provides personalised service, expertise, and solutions throughout the sales journey. For him, every sale is an opportunity to be of service, to solve problems, and to share the beauty and significance of fine jewellery.

Robert's journey in the world of jewellery began in 1984 when he embarked on an apprenticeship under a master engraver and silversmith. His early days were spent engraving family silver and gift items, honing his skills and discovering his love for the craft. This led him to transition into a local jewellery store, where he continued to expand his expertise.

In 1995, Robert took a leap of faith and established his own successful fine jewellery business in southwest England. Throughout his career, he has handled and sold various types of jewellery, but his true passion lies in quality fine jewellery that stands the test of time. With a preference for longevity over trends, Robert offers meticulously crafted pieces that exude elegance and sophistication.

What sets Robert's jewellery apart is its handmade quality, each piece receiving extra care and attention from his team of skilled silver and goldsmiths. Whether it's engraving, personalisation, design, or repurposing, Robert's services reflect his unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Driven by a desire to share the possibilities and beauty of jewellery with the world, Robert approaches his work with faith and confidence in the quality of his products and services. With each piece he creates, Robert invites others to discover the timeless allure of handmade fine jewellery, where every detail tells a story of craftsmanship, elegance, and enduring beauty.

"Over the last 35 years of being in the industry, my passion has remained unwavering and continues to grow. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with all of your jewellery dreams and needs" - Robert